RCPEP partners with Van Robotics for use of Robotic Tutors

August 10, 2019
  • RCPEP has partnered with Van Robotics - a local organization that has created educational robot tutors which are used in elementary school to help kids in math remediation. They are very sophisticated devices, which can measure performance and attention and react to changes in either measure. Van Robotics has piloted these robots in a number of schools across the country.  RCPEP has purchased its first robot which will be placed in Jackson Creek Elementary School in August.

    RCPEP and the Van Robotics team are going to also work with other local organizations and agencies to raise funds to place robots in locations where young kids might be when they are sick (i.e., children’s hospital, Ronald McDonald House, etc.). Quite often these kids miss so much school that keeping up with math can be a challenge, so these robots will help mitigate this challenge.

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