Resilient Richland

Resiliency Team at Jackson Creek Elementary

RCPEP has partnered with United Way of the Midlands’ coalition - Resilient Richland - to pilot an intensive program that begins in Kindergarten. RCPEP will lead a small “Resiliency Team” consisting of a behavior intervention specialist and at least one social worker. This team will be working in Richland Two’s Jackson Creek Elementary School.

The Resiliency Team:
  • serves a cohort of students starting in kindergarten and follows them through third grade, with a follow-up assessment(s) in fourth grade.
  • works with school personnel (teachers, administrators, etc.) and families to identify and assess the students and families who will make up the cohort.
  • develops child and family-specific plans with school personnel and families.
  • includes an on-site, core team to provide an immediate response to children in crisis or experiencing trauma.
  • includes an off-site, connections team that connects children and their families to needed supports and resources.

This is a one-of-a-kind program that will, in part, rely on the many lessons learned through Achieve Columbia’s wonderful work.

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