What we believe

  • Public education is fundamental to the health of our community
  • Public schools provide our best opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and inequities
  • Public engagement, community support, and adequate resources are essential to the success of public education
  • Every single community in Richland County deserves to have quality public schools.

Unwavering partnerships strengthen our schools

Richland County Public Education Partners was founded in 2018 by community members who wanted to ensure that Richland County becomes an educational leader in the state. RCPEP will provide a consistent, unwavering presence that supports and strengthens public education, achievement, and life outcomes for students in Richland County schools. While operating independently from the school districts, RCPEP will work closely with the schools and key community stakeholders to identify, support and develop innovative initiatives to assist teachers, students, and families.

RCPEP will primarily operate in three ways:

  • Launch and support new programs in specific schools or clusters
  • Provide funding to support principals and teachers
  • Convene already-existing organizations to address issues collaboratively.

Community engagement and advocacy

RCPEP believes that building strong schools relies on deep community engagement. We will work closely with communities and community organizations to learn about issues relevant to the schools in their neighborhoods. This collaboration will help us achieve meaningful, long-term, and sustainable change.