A.C. Moore After School Tutoring

Sometimes the most effective solutions to a problem are the simplest. Providing an opportunity after school for students to receive extra assistance can be game changing for those kids. This is especially so in elementary school when staying on grade level in reading is so important. And often the folks best situated to provide this assistance are the teachers who already have a relationship with these students and know where they need help and how they best learn.

RCPEP was delighted when the principal at A.C. Moore Elementary School reached out for assistance. The principal identified a need for afterschool tutoring and wanted to run a small, intensive program designed for students who were struggling in reading and/or math. RCPEP’s funding pays for A.C. Moore teachers to administer the tutoring program to 19 during the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year.

It was an unqualified success. Eighteen students saw measurable gains in the second semester. Indeed, in some instances the semester gains were significant, and in almost every instance the gains were seen in the second semester - when the after school tutoring program occurred - outpaced the gains seen in the first semester. And there were several students who saw five and six-level increases in the second semester alone.