RCPEP and United Way Midlands announce Resiliency Team

August 20, 2019
  • The United Way Midlands has partnered with RCPEP to head up a one-of-a-kind program at Jackson Creek Elementary School in Richland County School District 2. Increasingly, educators are recognizing that what happens to kids outside the classroom affects how they do when they are in the classroom. Moreover, teachers need additional support addressing these issues. That’s where the “Resiliency Team” model comes in. The Resiliency Team will consist of a behavior interventionist and a social worker. The behavior interventionist will work with the team of kindergarten teachers to assist in the classroom whenever there is a behavior issue. The assistance of the interventionist will allow the teacher to continue teaching while also helping the student to de-escalate so that they are more likely to learn appropriate classroom behavior. The social worker will work with the families of these kindergarten students to address issues outside of school such as stable housing, consistent access to medical and mental health care, employment, and transportation. The social worker and the behavior interventionist will follow these families and students through the end of the third grade. 

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