Secretary DeVos is trying to redirect CARES Act money to private schools

May 22, 2020
  • South Carolina will receive approximately $216 million dollars for K-12 schools as part of the CARES Act. Congress intended that this money be distributed using the normal Title 1 formula to assist districts and schools with high concentrations of students from low-income households. Our public schools need this funding to help address the impacts of COVID-19 on our most at-risk and vulnerable students. Title 1 does provide that a private school can request that a public school set aside money based on the number of low-income students who attend that private school. However, on April 30th, Secretary DeVos issued guidance that instructed public school districts to set aside an amount based on the total enrollment of private school students. Using this formula some public school districts will have to set aside a large portion of their CARES Act funding.

    RCPEP partnered with other Public Education Partners of Greenville County, Southern Education Foundation, Spartanburg Academic Movement, Tri-County Cradle to Career, SC Future Minds to request that Superintendent Spearman distribute K-12 CARES Act funding in the manner Congress intended rather than follow Secretary DeVos' guidance, which is inconsistent with long-standing Department of Education practice.

    Click here for the full letter.

    Watch video below to see how Sec'y DeVos' guidance will redirect money to private schools.

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