Hear How Our Resiliency Team is Helping One Mom

November 25, 2020
  • I was interviewing a parent for a new podcast that RCPEP is helping launch (more about that later). I was really just talking to her about what it's like to be a parent of a small child during the pandemic. I did not ask her about our Resiliency Team (her son is in the grade with which we work). But, unprompted, at the very end of our interview, this is what she said.

    ** For context, Caitlin is our awesome Resiliency Team social worker. And you'll hear this parent talk about meeting with other parents. Last year Caitlin held parent dinners once a month. We provided food and childcare and Caitlin usually introduced some parenting-related topic for discussion. More than anything, these dinners provided a space for parents to gather and talk with one another.

    Caitlin works with our awesome new behavior interventionist, TaNesha, as well as a remarkable team at Jackson Creek Elementary. The relationships that Caitlin and TaNesha have built really matter. This is how you support students, parents, and teachers.


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